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BIO-COMPLEX 5000™ Revitalizing Shampoo
Contains vitamins & antioxidants for cleaning, moisturizing & providing body & luster for ones hair. Plus Hawaiian ginger for extra healing & revitalizing damaged or over-processed hair of all types.

BIO-COMPLEX 5000™ Revitalizing Conditioner
To go with the above mentioned shampoo, this conditioner also contains vitamins & antioxidants to provide body, luster & restore & retain moisture in the newly washed hair.

BIO-COMPLEX 5000™ Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Contains alpha-hydroxyacids, aloe vera & other botanical infusions, designed to clean & restore elasticity to all skin types.

STEPHAN ™ BIO-NUTRITIONAL Refreshing Moisture Gel
Hypo-allergenic, designed to deep clean & restore a radiant, firm youthful appearance to skins of all types, while acting as a cumulative revitalizing beauty treatment.

STEPHAN ™ BIO-NUTRITIONAL Nightime Moisture Creme
Hypo-allergenic, richer, heavier moisturizing creme to combat or delay the effects of ageing or help repair sun-damage & similar problems.

STEPHAN ™ BIO-NUTRITIONAL Daytime Hydrating Creme
Hypo-allergenic cream used daily to hydrate the skin & combat visible signs of aging.

A complete hypo-allergenic treatment to soften fine lines & preserve a youthful looking radiant skin by producing a progressively firming effect

STEPHAN™ BIO-NUTRITIONAL Eye-Firming Concentrate
A hypo-allergenic formular to revitalize the delicate areas around the eyes, while helping to reduce any puffiness & dark circles, as well as reducing & softening any fine lines.

* These products are all STEPHAN™ BIONUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS - originally designed by and for the STEPHAN Clinic in London.

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